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But a cold heart is a dead heart [entries|friends|calendar]

So deep that i didnt even scream fuck me..
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udfjkaid [10 Oct 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | lost in light ]

Yeah im basically posting because myspace is messed up.

This Post is now dedicated to HIM

SO i have come to the conclusion that HIM is basically the best band on the planet. Yeah they are so wonderful. If you havent gotten ♥Dark Light♥ yet, GO GET IT. I got it the day it came out. Any true HIM fan would love it. Cause its that awesome. It really really is. With birthday money, i also got ♥Love Metal♥, which is also an excellent cd.

Love live Finnish bands.

So some one liners from the new C.D are:

"We're killing ourselves a kiss at a time."
"I'm killing loneliness with you."
"The Blood on our hands is the whine."
"Rip out the wings of a butterfly."
"Hold me, like you held onto life, when your fears came alive and entombed me."
"I've been burning in water and drowning in flame."
"Your love will be the death of me."

uhh so yeah.

thats it.

ville valo = hott sex.

just thought id add that in.
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picture from the show/the red [06 Aug 2005|01:34am]
Lj cuts are funCollapse )
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[30 Jul 2005|05:48pm]
mk so i am from back Kentucky. So here it goes.

deep breath...

Friday: We met John and Drew and Kathryn at Bi-lo at like 10 in the morning. The drive up there was boring as shit. 6 fucking hours, i read the whole time and didnt sleep at like all. We got there around 4 and set up camp. There was absolutely no hike at all from the car to the campsite which was excellent. I met this kid named mark, who is miguels son (miguels being the place where we were staying), hes 9 and he is the best egyptian ratscrew player i have ever seen. Ok so we went to the resevoir, me, ashley, kathryn, drew, john, jason, christina, and sarah. That was fun there was a place that you could jump off of this like 15 foot rock into the water (by the way its illegal to swim there). how excellent. WE didnt go climb that day, we didnt feel like it. so then it was beer, then bed.

Saturday. I woke up before everyone else, sadly at like 6 fucking 30 in the morning. ah. so ok everyone got up and we went to Roadside. I onsighted lead some random 10d that i dont even remember the name of. Pullin pockets or something. i got on Ro Sham Po, which is a 12a, which only discouraged me, cause i couldnt reach a move, what the fuck?!? Okay so yea we came back to the campsite and decided it was hot as shit! So we went to mill creek (which is not as cool as the other resevoir), which is also illegal to swim at. I didnt like it, it wasnt fun, and i stepped on a rusty fish hook. ok so we went back to camp. Met these cool Russian kids named Greg and Mike. They are really fucking cool and theyy climb like 13. They are 16 and 18. Grady was there too. yea man. ok, more beer, then bed.

Sunday. Sober day! Yea you cant buy beer in Kentucky on Sunday. . I at this point had discovered that the only good things about kentucky are the red, and ale 8, which is the best soft drink ever, but they only sell it in Kentucky. . We went to Torrent that day. I did another 10d called pocket pussy. Yay for me. Im not to sure if i like the red, cause im getting my ass kicked on easy shit. :(. So we went back to the camp and i chilled and played playstation with Drew and John.

Ok so me, kathryn, ashley, drew and john went to left flank. It definitely wasnt worth the hike in. The thing that they wanted us to work on wasnt even climbable at the moment. BUT OMFG WE FOUND BOULDERING! i love bouldering so much more than climbing up. SO yes i was happy. Drew had a bowl, and he and john took some hits off of it.

Ok so on our way home we hit this random ass road block and this stupid cop came up to us and was like "do you have any illegal drugs in the car?" (drew was driving) "No sir" drew said. "Marijuana? Cocain?" he siad. "No".

"DO you mind if you search your car?" The cop asked, this is wehre the mistake was made. John said "No sir, we are hungry and need to hurry up."
the cop said "wrong answer" and told us to pull over to the curb and roll up all the windows and that a drug dog would be sniffing the car. "Welcome to Kentucky sir!" He siad, what a dickhead. So at that point we were all freaking out cuase there was weed in the trunk. Never did it cross our minds what was about to happen next. Ok so the cop comes up and says to drew "If you hand over anything you have now, you will get a ticket then be on your way home. If the dog finds something, you will go to jail." Drew decided to take the plunge. He pulled the weed from the bag and handed it to the officer. The officer took it to the others and they laughed, the fuckers would probably smoke it later on. So they came back. THey lied. They gave him a soberity test. It didnt look like he did anything wrong, but then they put the cuffs on him. WE all thought that maybe they were trying to scare him, but as they lowered his head into the cop car i knew this wasnt routine. Another cop then came to our car and said to John "sir your friend is going to jail for DUI." The words hit like a ton of bricks. Especially to John. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "WHat you think its ok to drive while high?" The cop asked. WHAT A MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! John was taken aback, "No sir, im just a little shocked that my best friend is going to jail." Ok so we found out that we could bail him out in the morning. It ws devestating really. I hated the thought of poor drew being in jail. The fact that he had risked that so that we wouldnt get in trouble. wow.

OK so we get back to miguels and decided to do something to get our minds off of it. So, me, ashley, john, kailey, greg, grady, and sarah all went back to the big resevoir. Ok so you know how i said it was illegal to swim there right. Well, me, ash, kailey, and john were all in the water when a cop car pulled up. I suddenly see sarah, greg, and grady scatter. I was like "O FUCK!!!!" so we all swam over to the rock and held on for dear life cause then they wouldnt be able to see us. WE could hear the cops and they kept saying "there are 2 in the water." Well, Kailey and John are both over 18 and ashley and i clearly are not. So after about 15 minutes Kailey and John started thinking about turning themselves in. Me and ashley didnt want them to, we were in that mother fucking water for 30 minutes. It was like 10 too, and it was cold as shit. So we decided to go up and turn ourselves in. When we got up there, there was not a cop in sight. We were like 'are you fucking kidding me?' It was so excellent, they were just leaving as we came up, they ever fucking drove right by us and didnt see us. It was crazy. We ran to the car and jumped in. OMFG i cant believe we didnt get caught. Ok so got back, beer, cigarette, and bed, each night i began getting a little more wasted.

what a day, nearly arrested 2 times in the course of 3 hours. ah

Monday. Rest day. We didnt climb, we went swimming and just hung out. Me, Kathryn, and john went and bailed out drew. They had to go get some stuff done though. So in the meantime, me, kathryn, and ashley went on a sky lift. that was actually sort of cool, cause we went on this natural bridge thing that was odd. yea.
So when we got back there was a wedding going on. It was really cool, two climbers were getting married. After that, me, john, kailey, ashley, greg, greg, mike, jordan, and kathryn went to mill creek again. We swam to the other side of the lake and jumped off a like 5 foot rock. Well yea so we were having fun and then BAM. we see another cop walking our way. Me and ash arent like oh my fucking God are you kidding me?!? So he was like 'i need ID" and we pulled the whole "We didnt know we werent supposed to swim here thing." haha. Ok so we got off free.

SO when we got back to camp we had nearly been arrested 3 times in 24 hours. excellent. since there was a wedding, everyone was drunk, the bride and groom got a beer pong table! hah. so they played that. I had like 5 beers and chugged number 3 with Kailey. I was pretty far gone, i tripped and fell over a log so now i have a big bruise on my shin :( . I wanted one more beer, but kathryn cut me off and they gave it to Greg so i wouldnt get it, so i kept trying to steal it from him so he poured it out. :(
EH, ashley got really shitfaced, really really bad, she has a low tolerance, but its all good. I tried weed, nothing happened, didnt expect it to. Greg got high and called random people on ashleys phone. hm.

So i passed out. mmhhhmmm, but then i woke up and was fine. I hung out with christina for the rest of the night. It was cool cause mike passed out on the log and i passed out on the picnic table. hm.

Tuesday. not that interesting. Climbed at driveby, got another 10d. jesus christ i suck at life. Ok then we went swimming at the big resevoir, swam across and jumped off of 30 foot things, that was sketch. We met some weird people who invited us to a party and kathryn, John, and Drew actually went. HAHA. that made me chuckle. beer, bed. oh yea, big fire. sketch city.

Wednesday. we went to the motherlode. which sucked, cause i cant climb anything there. yes it definately sucked. I am getting tired of typing. ah. It started raining to, which sucked cause i didnt want to fall on my ass on the way down. Well, me, kathryn, greg and mike ended up leaving last, and it started raining on the way down. We broke into a sprint which was sketchy as anything. Went back to MIguels, went swimming agian. and then played beer pong. mhm.

Thursday. We left. It was sad, i met so many fucking cool people there. I love them all. We went to the ALE 8 factory, ahah. it was fun, but depressing cause i didnt have money to buy anything. We for some odd reason went to rumbling and got back to greenville at like 11:30. yea man. I lost my fucking book and that makes me extremely mad.

Friday. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!! Yea yea man it was Transits last show. SO i went to the mall and bought clothes. i bought a red atreyu shirt and a black HIM shirt and some black dickies. mmmhhhmm.

So Brooke rode with me and ashley to the show. We were late and missed 2 bands. Big whoop. MELVINS CRUSADE went on! OMFG, haha that was awesome. Ray got tattoos in California so i was totally jealous. gr. SO i got to see the one and only CHAUNCEY agian. gah i love that kid, haha its been too long. He is the coolest guy ever, and i surprisingly liked his hair. I totally didnt recognize him at first, he had to say something to me. haha. Yea well melvins and transit were awesome. Yes transit rocked the house, what elses was new. But yea i got to see a bunch of cool people i havent seen in like 43709859 months. yea man it was excellent. And Chauncey and John drove me and ash to aget ice cream! yay!

Ashley left this morning.

im tired and i have nothing to do tonight, save me please.

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[10 Jul 2005|04:38pm]
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divisionals [14 Jun 2005|03:36pm]
Ok so pay attention.

I am in the Female 14-15 Age group. I am in Division 4 which is made up of the states SC, Georgia, FLorida, Alabama, Mississippi, NC, Virginia, W. Virginia, and Tennessee.

Now, thats a hell of a lot of states. These competitions are divived into dificulty and speed. I competed in both.

In Divisional Championships, there is a qualifying round and a finals round. The top 10 climbers in the qualifying round, make it to finals. The top 6 climbers in finals make it to NATIONALS.

Okdid you get all that?

OK so the girls in 14-15 are all good friends. . We are more than just the competiton aspect. So yea. My friend Ashley, who is from Florida is really good.

So for qualifying round I had to climb 2 routes. I finished the first route. On the second route, i got pretty high.

SO i made it to finals in 2nd place. One place behind Ashley be just 1 point. Ok before you climb, you have to go into ISOLATION. I was the 20th climber out of 24 to climb the finals route. The reason for this is they called people out to climb the finals route in reverse order. So the people in last place going into finals, would be the first to climb.

Ok so maybe that was confusing. Whatever.

Ok so i climbed the finals route, and got pretty far on it. But i wasnt able to do one move, I didnt take the time to figure it out like i should have.

Ok so after i climbed that i had to speed climb. I did not want to speed climb at all, i was way tooo tired. But i did it anyway. .

FINALLY award ceremony came at like 7:45. After calling names of younger groups, the announcer finally got to 14-15.

Ok so i got 3rd out of all the girls 14-15 in those 9 states. NOt to damn shabby if you ask me. That was for difficulty.

I got 1st in Speed.

So all in all, i made it to Nationals and i think i did pretty damn good.

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doctor wont you pull the fucking plug [01 Jun 2005|05:07pm]
got my hair done. again.
its shorter
with red highlights.

have to go back friday though, cause for some reason, the red didnt take on my ends. weird.

pictures later.
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hmmm [25 May 2005|04:11pm]
livejournal is too stupid now, cause there are people who say stuff about you who are too damn scared to leave their name.

Bitch you know who you are, stop acting like a child and tell me who you are. Bitch
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[24 May 2005|06:10pm]
"wow you are totally gay"

hmmm i love people who are too damn scared to leave their name! You guys aer really cool.
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[24 Apr 2005|07:48pm]
wow eljay i totally boring..
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[21 Apr 2005|09:30am]

la la la la la

Welp ive been in first period for 3 hours for the past 3 days...damn sophmore testing. erg

i wil have to do it next year.

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[19 Apr 2005|10:23am]
Hair dyed
my new hairCollapse )

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[19 Apr 2005|09:17am]
observe the new icon..love it
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[17 Apr 2005|03:55pm]
show last night = awesome
didnt go? = loser
livejournal = boring
myspace = teh shit
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[13 Apr 2005|11:12pm]
"baah" says frank.
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finally... [12 Apr 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | blahh....... ]

welp...my ride forgot me today. I got to stay home today from school. yay for no school. Wow school is freakin long too. psht!

I got the As I Lay Dying CD yesterday. Havent gotten around to listening to it much though. Which is one bad reason why i didnt go to school today, because i was supposed to burn chauncey and ricky a copy and i did and all but i didnt go to school.

My diet ended yesterday. yay. I lost like 8 lbs in 3 days and no i was not starving myself. Its a really good diet.

Well i am currently on the slow computer, but i have good news.

Finally figured out what was wrong with my compter. Its modem was shot. How did that happen. I just got it at Christmas. Who knows. Well anyway the HP computer people had to send me a new modem and it came in the mail today. So i FINALLY can get on my other computer. w00t.

Myspace is soo much cooler than el jay..im thinking about giving it up. Erg.

there is a show this Saturday! Yay
-Transit Vista
-and others are playing. yay for shows. ok bye

And never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head and were all dead now.

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[07 Apr 2005|08:55am]

On the way home from school, Brian Meisner was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The driver of the car Brian was in was his girlfriend, Nicole. She is currently in the IC with no knowledge that her boyfriend is dead. Remember to also keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for the family of Brian Meisner as he will live on in our hearts and memories.
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[04 Apr 2005|08:58am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[01 Apr 2005|08:21am]
bored in keyboarding..

tired of this whole kate thing...starting to annoy me.

still cant get on home computer..

now jazmine is threatening to kick my ass...real scared

show tonight

got my melvins crusade shirt. w00t

be at the show.


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tired of it... [31 Mar 2005|08:58am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am tired of these bullshiters.

Kate, dont get people to fight for you ..fight your own damn fights.

Havent been on in a while..computer is down. I am in keyboarding. w00t.

Concert at ximeno tomorrow night..be there!

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climbing trip [27 Mar 2005|02:59pm]
[ mood | erg ]

Have another drink and drive yourself home. I hope there is ice on the roads. Think of me when you forget your seatbelt, and again when you go through the windshield

wow this is gonna be long as shit..

so i got back from my climbing trip last night..(technically this morning cause it was 1). Ok

Wednesday... Well i went to walmart with Kathryn to get food for the trip. I went to Rocks and Ropes around 5 and climbed with murray and hunter. God i havent see Hunter in forever. Well it was the last time i get to see Murray until summer. :(. Kathryn got to rocks and ropes at like 6:45 and we left. Me, katie, kathryn, and jason rode in Kathryns car. they listen to the shittiest music i have ever heard in my life. Fucking bluegrass almost drove me crazy. Luckily i had my headphones and could drown that shit out. 5 hour drives suck. Yea so we get there and freakin have to make a sketchy hike that was only 1/4 of a mile at like 12 and then pitch tents. Yea man.

Thursday.. I woke up and had to pee. I dont mind peeing in the woods i just didnt want to so i walked all the way to the place and peed then came back and everyone was still asleep. I went back to sleep. Ok so we woke up around 9 i guess and had breakfast. We climbed. yay. The hike in sucked though. yea so that night we came back to the campsite and eric showed up. Funess right there. So since he and katie were dating and jason and kathryn were "talking" i had my own tent. The fucking biggest thunderstrom came though. Like when i went outside to pee, the whole forest lit up. woah man.

Friday.. yup..went on my walk again. hah. we didnt go climbing..we went bouldering. That was fun. Didnt feel to accomplished though. It sucked cause me, katie, and kathryn basically just followed eric and jason around cause we cant climb near as hard as them. Erg. So yea after that we went into chatanogga. Funess. We ate pizza. yea man. Went back to the campsite. Eric and Katie sorta broke up. Kathryn and Jason got in a fight cause they were drunk. So it was really awkward. So Katie and Kathryn slept in my tent and eric and Jason slept in Kathryns tent. haha they were soo spooning..hah.

Saturday... things were really awkward from the night before. So us girls decided to climb somewhere else. so yea we made Eric take Jason home. yea man. We went bouldering again which was cool considering it was just us. yay for that. I got pissed though cause we stayed there until like 6 and i really wanted to go to escalade. erg. Well we drove home and hit atlanta at about 8 and went to escalade. yay for escalade..no one else besides me climbed. i didnt expect them to though. After 3 days of straight climbing you can see the blood under my fingertips. OMG..when we were in Anderson..only fuckin 20 miles from home...Kathryns car brakes down. Thats right it ran out of fucking gas. The car doesnt have a fuel light. Erg so we are sitting on I-85 dont know where the fuck we are. Liable to get kidnapped, raped, and murdered at any given second. So we start walking. Katie runs long distance track..so she ran to try to see the next exit sign, Luckily..someone stopped. They told us what exit we were next to and so surprisingly, it is the same exit Eric lives on. So we call eric. He drives us to the gas station to get gas and we take it back to the car to get enough to make it to the gas station. So yea...that was cool of Eric. So i finally get home at 1 this morning. As soon as i walk in the door..i take a shower cause i stink from 4 days without one. Then i eat spagetti o's. The "Easter Bunny" brought me a Johnny Depp movie. Finding Neverland. I will watch this today too. I love Johnny Depp.

Happy Easter

Lyrics from MCR...\/

cemetery driveCollapse )

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